Stop Creditor Harassment. Keep Your Home. Eliminate Your Debt.

Are you struggling to make mortgage payments? Is your business in need of reorganization? Our attorneys can help you determine the best solution for your situation.

Bankruptcy law is not meant as a punishment for those who experience financial difficulties. It can allow you to stop creditor harassment, keep your home and car, and continue the daily operations of your business.

Contact our bankruptcy lawyers to discuss:

  • Personal bankruptcy: Chapter 7 discharges most of your debt. Chapter 13 requires you to make payments on your debts for three to five years.
  • Business bankruptcy: Chapter 11 does not have any eligibility requirements. Chapter 12 is for agricultural businesses and works much like Chapter 13.
  • Your financial goals: We can help you fight foreclosure, protect other assets or keep your business's doors open.
  • Your rights in bankruptcy: You have rights, even during bankruptcy. Our lawyers will ensure that your bankruptcy is completed according to the law.