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Immediate Steps to Take after an Auto Accident

Few people wake up and think they are going to get in to an automobile accident on that day. No one wants to be involved in a collision when driving. But like other unfortunate events in  life, it is important to be prepared when such things happen.


If you do find yourself in an automobile accident, you should remember to take the following steps:


  • Ensure that you are healthy or safe before you seek to leave your vehicle after it comes to rest.

  • Check to see if any other people, in your car or other vehicles, are hurt and need medical assistance.

  • If it is not clear anyone else on the scene has done so, call 911 to alert the police and, if necessary, request medical assistance.

  • Exchange insurance information, addresses and phone numbers with other drivers involved in the collision.

  • Get the names, phone numbers and addresses of other witnesses who saw the accident occur; do not assume that the police officer who investigates the collision will include all witnesses in the police report.

  • Take photographs of the damage to your and other cars involved in the accident as well as any debris or other evidence in the immediate vicinity which may provide some explanation as to how the accident occurred.

  • If you have the slightest symptoms of an injury, seek immediate medical care as many injuries common to car wrecks, including neck and back problems, take additional time before they fully manifest.

  • Call your attorney or seek one who has experience handling personal injury cases.

  • Notify your insurance company about the accident but be careful not to agree to give any sworn or recorded statement until after you have discussed such with your attorney as insurance company’s claim representatives or adjusters may seek to elicit information which could be used against you at a later date.

  • Ensure you get the proper treatment for your injuries.


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