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In the wake of a motor vehicle accident: insurance considerations

Many New Mexico motorists are understandably less than clear about their options and the next steps to take after being in a car accident.

Hopefully, no one was hurt. If personal injuries were suffered, getting prompt and top-tier medical care is obviously the highest priority.

In many instances, third-party negligence is a primary catalyst causing the personal injuries and property damage that occurs in a motor vehicle accident. We note on the personal injury page of our website at the Albuquerque law firm of Giddens & Gatton Law,amp; P.C., that, if you are an accident victim, "you need someone who will stand by your side and make sure that your rights are protected."

That advocacy role often entails an exacting focus on insurance particulars, since another negligent party obviously bears the ethical and lawful burden of stepping forward to compensate an injured party for his or her losses.

What if there is some problem with insurance? That is, what if post-accident investigation reveals that a negligent party failed to have liability coverage in force at the time of a crash or, alternatively, was insufficiently insured to adequately cover a victim's losses?

An informational tract from the New Mexico Office of Superintendent of Insurance visits such questions, noting centrally that an accident victim can pursue compensation through the benefits provided for through uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage provided for by his or her own carrier.

As most people know from personal experience, having a seamless and problem-free experience with an insurer is hardly a slam-dunk proposition, regardless of what is stated in an insurance policy.

Our attorneys routinely work with clients having injury claims to help ensure that they fully understand what is involved, what coverage is available, and all the avenues that might be pursued for compensation and benefits.

As we note on our website, "We thoroughly explain the process of filing a claim and what you can expect."

Receiving a meaningful recovery following a car accident is tremendously important to accident victims and their families. A proven, aggressive and knowledgeable personal injury attorney can work hard to promote that outcome.

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