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Purposeful post-accident step: calling a proven attorney

If you are a New Mexico resident who is involved in a motor vehicle accident owing to another party's negligence, there are many reasons why you might reasonably want to contact an experienced personal injury attorney without delay even if you don't believe you were seriously injured.

Here's one: You might well be mistaken. Many crash victims think they are OK following an accident, but often they aren't; you were, after all, just involved in an uncommon and adverse event, which can understandably cloud your better judgment.

And here's another: Many serious injuries aren't immediately apparent and only become evident after some time has passed. This is especially common with head injuries and other forms of internal trauma. Soft-tissue injuries, whiplash-related pain, back/spine problems -- all these and more might not even enter the mind of an accident victim in the immediate wake of a crash, even though they are very real.

Some individuals also think that an obvious injury is more minor than it really is, or that it will resolve over time.

What if -- as is frequently the case -- it doesn't? Crash victims who delay taking purposeful action following an accident sometimes discover that the claim that they eventually seek to make has been barred by a cut-off date imposed by a relevant statute of limitations.

In Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico, the law firm of Giddens & Gatton Law,amp; Jacobus has personal injury attorneys who handle motor vehicle accident cases and can specifically provide advice to injury victims and their families regarding how to proceed in the wake of an accident-related injury.

Contact Giddens & Gatton Law,amp; P.C., at (505) 273-3720 to set up an appointment or visit the firm's website at giddenslaw.com. Giddens & Gatton Law,amp; P.C., is located at 10400 Academy Road N.E., Suite 350 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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