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Could minor but persistent back pain be related to a recent car accident?

The short answer is: yes. When an accident occurs, often everything is happening so quickly. You might think that if you're feeling fine after the crash when you're busy filling out insurance paperwork, finding another way to get to work or school, and in general dealing with a stressful situation. Escaping an accident with a scratch may seem lucky.

But not all pain from an auto accident injury occurs right away. Maybe it's the next day or even weeks later that you realize your back has begun to ache and you haven't been the same since the accident.

Back injuries from car accidents are very common

The force of a car crash can lead to different kinds of back injuries. You may be experiencing sharp, stabbing pain, or a dull, constant ache. Your pain level may range from mild to severe. You might not be able to pick up your toddler the way you usually do, or carry in the groceries.

Some of the conditions that may be bothering you include:

  • Spinal cord injury
  • Herniated disk
  • Whiplash
  • Sprain

Your symptoms can range from lack of mobility around the house to difficulty getting comfortable in the car to being in pain at work. Depending on your job, you may even be limited as to what work you can do, and may end up staying home. That means you could lose out on wages. It's all because of a car accident that happened in a split second. Your car's getting fixed, but what about you?

Take care of yourself

Contacting a doctor or clinic is a natural place to start. You might already be receiving care for your injuries, but medical care is expensive. If you're not sure what might be involved, or what might not be covered by your insurance, think about finding a lawyer who will help you navigate the system. A car accident doesn't have to ruin your health-or your life afterward.

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