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Do not assume that whiplash is not serious

Most people have had the experience of being involved in a fender bender. After those seemingly minor car accidents, some people may think they are unharmed because they feel no pain immediately. Where whiplash is concerned, it is smart not to ignore what happened. Check in with your doctor just to be safe.

For example, in many cases, symptoms may not arise right away, but could show up days after the crash.

In most cases whiplash resolves in a couple of months. The reason for caution is that sometimes whiplash does not quickly or easily go away, andt can result in long-term symptoms like ongoing neck pain. In addition, what you think may be minor whiplash could be a more serious condition. You should have your physician rule those serious conditions out.

What is whiplash?

According to the Mayo Clinic, whiplash got its unique name from the rapid forward then backward movement of the neck and head that resembles a whip when it is cracked.. It often most happens when the victim is in a vehicle that is unexpectedly struck from behind, but any kind of car collision can cause it.

Mayo reports that the whipping motion may damage several areas of the neck like bones, disks, nerves, muscles, ligaments and more.

What symptoms may occur from whiplash?

A wide variety of symptoms can occur:

•· Neck pain

•· Headache

•· Stiffness

•· Dizziness

•· Reduced neck motion

•· Arm numbness

•· Shoulder, back or radiating arm pain

•· Sleep impairment

•· Depression

•· Vision problems

•· Memory or concentration impairment

•· Tinnitus or ringing ears

•· Irritability

•· And others

Depending on the symptoms, treatment may include:

•· Pain medication or other pain treatment

•· Exercise, stretching or physical therapy

•· Rest and reduced activity

•· Muscle relaxant medication

•· Heat or cold applied to area of discomfort

•· And others

Involve your lawyer early

If you experience whiplash in a rear end crash, an attorney can help to document the extent of the injury and the likelihood of future needs like therapy or pain treatment. This is important because before an insurance claim or lawsuit is settled (or goes to trial), legal counsel will advocate for money damages adequate to pay not only for past medical costs, but also for those possible future medical services. If there is a gap in medical treatment due to a delay in seeking care, the insurance company will likely try to reduce your damages by arguing that the medical treatment is not related to the crash.

The lawyers of Giddens & Gatton Law,amp; P.C., in Albuquerque regularly represent the victims of car accidents in seeking just compensation.

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