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Dangerous Albuquerque bus stop illustrates accident liability issues

Here at Giddens & Gatton Law,amp; P.C., we fight for justice and recovery for our New Mexico clients who have been the victims of motor vehicle accidents of all kinds. Our representation includes those who have been hurt in pedestrian accidents, which can be particularly dangerous given the fragility of the human body in the face of forceful contact with a heavy vehicle.

Poorly designed bus stop

KRQE News 13 published an online article about a northwestern Albuquerque bus stop that is particularly dangerous to users. An Albuquerque resident who uses a wheelchair was interviewed about his attempts to raise awareness of the unsafe design of stop 3003 on Coors near Eagle Ranch Road.

The article describes a bus stop "attached to a light pole that is practically in a turning lane ..." The disabled resident has to "straddle the road as he waits for the bus," putting him in danger of being struck by oncoming vehicles.

The stop is also reportedly not connected to the sidewalk, requiring users to cross through "weeds and dirt" to get to it.

According to the article, ABQ Ride agrees that "there are issues" with this bus stop. However, because Coors is maintained by the New Mexico Department of Transportation or DOT, ABQ Ride must work with the state to "improve the area by creating a large concrete slab around the bus stop."

Negligent design or maintenance

This bus-stop issue illustrates the potential liability of public entities for poorly designed roads and other places used by the public. While it is sometimes complicated from a legal standpoint to sue a unit of government, the public has the right to rely on the safety of public thoroughfares.

Anyone harmed in a pedestrian accident or other kind of motor vehicle collision should speak with an attorney about possible legal remedies. The lawyer will launch an extensive investigation of the circumstances, including whether negligent road, sidewalk, bridge or other public thoroughfare was poorly designed or negligently maintained, and whether that design caused the accident and injuries.

In such a situation, it may be appropriate and possible, depending on the circumstances, to include a public entity responsible for the dangerous condition as a defendant in a personal injury lawsuit.

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