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All Those Chapters…

Hello, You may have seen TV commercials advertising Chapter 7 as a way to get out of debt or Chapter 13 as a way to avoid losing your home or car. However, these commercials don't tell the whole story. There are actually four chapters of bankruptcy: Chapter 7,...

Avoiding contract disputes

Contract disputes can bring business operations to a grinding halt. Thankfully, there are ways in which to carefully craft contracts that make such disputes less likely. When looking to draft - or sign - contracts for your business, make sure that contracts follow...

Bankruptcy and divorce

While it's true that many American bankruptcies stem from medical expenses, job loss or sudden loss of income, a fair amount of them relate to divorce. A divorce means divvying a single household - and its income - into two. This means twice the expenses, twice the...

Recovering from bankruptcy

When you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you may find yourself wondering about what the long-term impact will be. You might worry you won't ever be able to have a credit card, buy a new car or get a mortgage. Thankfully, these worries are unfounded. All of...


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