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Business Law

Commercial Litigation

While no business wants to be involved in litigation of any kind, being the target of commercial litigation cuts to the very heart of your business. Giddens & Gatton Law, PC, has the know-how to obtain the most favorable outcome possible for our clients.What Is...

Dealing with an Unproductive Employee

Nearly every company with more than one or two individuals is faced at some point with an unproductive employee. Dismissing employees is costly and can leave employers open to adverse legal action. However, sometimes it is the only viable alternative. Here are some...

Avoiding contract disputes

Contract disputes can bring business operations to a grinding halt. Thankfully, there are ways in which to carefully craft contracts that make such disputes less likely. When looking to draft - or sign - contracts for your business, make sure that contracts follow...

Neither a Lender Nor a Broker Be

A recent ongoing case pending in the United States Bankruptcy Court in Albuquerque reflects a recurring difficulty borrowers have in dealing with putative lenders. According to a decision in the case of In Re Clark,  Case No. 13-12132-j13, Adversary No. 13-1077...


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